‘Why you leave me hanging, Mona?’ Why you must wait for new posts

I’ve been asked by quite a few people now, to blog more. Apparently my supply isn’t matching the demand. So I wanted to write a meta blog post about why it takes about a week before a have a post ready.

There are different factors to it. Firstly, I have a day job that I also love and it requires me to dedicate 37-45 hours a week to it. So blogging is happening in my spare time. This is how my day works right now:

Morning commute_MonaJensen

I get up in the morning, shower, meditate, eat, get dressed. Then I run around in circles for 5-15 min – I’m really not a morning person – and then I leave. I have an hour commute each way, which gives me 20-30 minutes of focused time in the train, where I can sit and do whatever I want.


And what I do, each day, in the 20-30 minutes is write. I absolutely love starting each day doing something I love, and I feel blessed to have this opportunity.

“Pfft, then you have loads of time to write, you lazy person, you.”

Hmmm, well yes, and no. I spend a very big chunk of the prep time, if not most of it, fact checking. It’s very important to me, that I don’t spread bad data, and false believes.

Some days I find myself frustrated yelling out: AAAAARGGG!!! F**k the facts! I know what my point is!’ But luckily I never publish a post in that condition. Also, this gets really awkward in the train, and I’m pretty sure the other passengers think I have mental issues.

“But you can’t always have the right numbers, dude”

No, you’re right. Unfortunately, I am human. We make mistakes.

This is also why, I was very grateful to be called out on outdated numbers in my LEGO post. I got the numbers wrong, and someone found the post interesting enough to read up on the facts else were, and then took the time to write me, and address it. Thank you Mark.

My goal is the keep the amount of outdated/wrong facts down to a minimum. And hence, it is with a humble and thankful heart, that I receive criticism, and notions when I get the data wrong.

This one’s for you, Stewart

I’ve always been very inspired by Jon Stewart’s approach to this. Be humble, apologize, and thank the person who addressed it. So Stewart, this post is for you.Blogging in my spare time_MonaJensen

I hope this explains why you have to wait for ages for a new post.

Fun side note; this post took me about 1/2 hour to write, because there are no facts in it.

*Ps, I just got an idea! Drumroll please: I know a bunch of very talented photographers. If any of y’all think; ‘Well jezz Mona, just use my pictures’ I say, YES PLEACE!

I’ve seen you’re work, it’s amazeballs. Just PM/mail me, and give me a link to a folder of pictures that I can use. Just tell me if you want to be credited or not.

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