Social Media

Get your share on!

Social media is the closest you get to face-to-face interaction online.

You can expand your brand, showcase your products, or build a base of supporters for your cause.

It’s also where you get the most mileage out of your engagement, and can highlight your daily actions. But you have to post, share, and respond.

We can consistently grow your social media presence with posting and monitoring, 20 min to 1 h/day, 5 days/week.

If you need less than this, get in touch and we’ll look at your options.

Social Media for green companies

Price: $700 -$2500 /month.


(Also known as the Sh*t-hit-the-fan-package)

Life happens. Sometimes it’s flu season, you move, or an unforeseen event steps in the way of your plans. What’s the first to go? Social media.

Having backup content is like having a savings account: it provides a mental safety net so you know you won’t lose followers or clients if something unplanned happens.

Even if you’ve been blessed by the goddess of good fortune, you can use that savings account to make life a bit sweeter. Spend a few days with your family instead of thinking about what to post this week.

(Price depends on the amount of posts.)


Price: $300-$1500