Great news! Dutch government ordered to cut CO2 emissions

Great news! The Netherlands just did something amazing in terms of climate policy. They sued their government – and won!

I won’t go into details now, but in short, the lawsuit was brought under human rights laws by the sustainability foundation Urgenda, claiming that government need to take actual steps to prevent climate change, in order to protect it’s citizens.

Flood risk Netherland

The Netherlands are particularly vulnerable to flooding as a result of global climate change. -PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

This means: the Dutch government can lo longer make promises about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and not follow through.

This news is groundbreaking in the field of climate policy, seeing as all former promised to reduce greenhouse gas, has been on a volunteer basis, with no consequences if the government failed.

“It is also the first case in the world in which human rights are used as a legal basis to protect citizens against climate change.” – Urgenda.

We have now entered a new era, in which citizens can prosecute their government for not taking the appropriate measures to combat climate change.