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Mona Jensen – Founder of Something Green

Want to make your audience more environmentally friendly?

Want them to recycle more, use less water, or buy your green product?

Something Green can help!

I’m a copywriter working with companies and organizations that sell green products or promote sustainability.

I founded Something Green after having seen businesses, NGOs, and public administrations miss their target time and time again. And the worst part is that small tips and tricks could have helped them make a significant difference. I could never decide on one single environmental cause to throw myself into because they are ALL important. But I can help people work for their causes, and give them the tools they need to make a dent. As I see it, it’s the most efficient way for me to make a positive change in this world.

With a decade of writing about sustainability, green behavior, and how to attain an environmentally friendly way of life, we get your message across.

If you’re ready to take your green passion to the next level and work with someone who knows how behavioral science and green communication works, contact us.

Mona Jensen

Environmental Copywriter and Planner, specialized in behavioral change.


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