The Hazardous Waste series by Mona Jensen

The Hazardous Waste series

In my years working with waste, cognitive biases, and emotions, hazardous waste was a reoccurring subject. We don’t like to admit to our self, hat the product we use in every life, become hazardous waste. The idea that product we use on, or even in out bodies are dangerous, is scary.

So, as a reaction, we toss it in the regular bin, to avoid the self confrontation of these choices.

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hazardous_waste_nail_polish_monajensen hazardous_waste_Battery_monajensen hazardous_waste_Light_Bulp_monajensen Hazardous waste pills&medicine _


I’ve addressed this in The Hazardous waste series, a for-fun, and pro-bono project. I used the a combination of surprise, and humour, to link these every items with hazardous waste. I myself have been a nail polis sinner, but am now aware to dispose of them correctly.

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