March for Paris

The terror attack in Paris was no doubt tragic, heartbreaking , and unjust.   In the days that followed environmentalist around the world voiced our concern, that this would take focus from COP21 and belittle our need for a climate change agreement.   Yesterday it was published, that the Parisian police will not allow for […]

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! -Climate change denial, and how to overcome it

In this post, we’re gonna focus on overcoming climate change denial. This means we’re gonna talk about why addressing climate change feel overwhelming, and what you can do about it. Now we’ve established I’m a +30 cinephile, let’s dig deeper into the truth about climate change, and why we would rather not know. Before you […]

Environmental Extremist part 2- Overcoming Loss Aversion

This is the second post on the subject of Loss Aversion. If you missed the first post about why environmental extremists are both inspirational and scary, read it here.    What if I had nothing? Turning the question of loss aversion upside down, what would actually happen if you had nothing? Or at least less […]

‘Why you leave me hanging, Mona?’ Why you must wait for new posts

I’ve been asked by quite a few people now, to blog more. Apparently my supply isn’t matching the demand. So I wanted to write a meta blog post about why it takes about a week before a have a post ready. There are different factors to it. Firstly, I have a day job that I […]

Environmental extremists – Inspirational or Scary?

Every now and then social media is flooded with a story of someone, who is acting in a way most of us would find extreme, in order to save the environment. Take Lauren Singer, an environmental studies major, living in NYC. Lauren is a woman so committed to reducing her environmental footprint, that all for her waste […]