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Fear of the shitstorm is holding green companies back

  Because so much focus has come on greenwashing in the past couple of years, companies working in the field of sustainability are now terrified of accidentally landing in a shitstorm. This was clearer than ever after I spent three days at the Citizens Climate Summit in Denmark this September. I cannot count the number […]

2020 and 1 million deaths showed us that trust in science is broken. Now we need to fix it

When I saw this landmark day coming up, I knew I wanted to write about it and highlight the importance of science as a tool to bring positive change to the world.   It’s taken me until Monday night, the day before World Science Day for Peace and Development, to write about it. That is, […]

How to talk about a world on fire

How to talk about a world on fire without scaring your audience — Key tips on environmental communication.

In charge of environmental communication? Be careful you don’t paralyze your audience with constant bad news. I know, it’s hard when the world is burning. Here’s how you do it.   Question: What do the following areas have in common? The Amazon Siberia Greenland Alaska Africa Indonesia Europe Answer: They are all on fire.   […]

The truth about climate change

Liar, liar, globe on fire — why green professionals don’t tell the whole truth about climate change

“The truth about climate change? Well…” How and why environmental professional may not always tell the whole truth about climate change — And how you can inspire immediate climate action.   A few weeks ago, I did something I had never done before.   I made a video for my friends and family, and for […]

Why the green sector needs to get better at Social Media and web communication — part two, sustainability & social media explained

In the last post, I explained why social media and an internet presence is so darn important, and what green companies and organizations have to gain from getting online. Now it’s time to dive into the great examples out there and have a look at how sustainability & social media can play together.   If […]