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Confession of an environmental planner – the 3 biggest lies of climate change

You’ve been lied to. We all have. I’ve been working with environmental management since 2007’ish. Almost a decade now. A lot has changed, thankfully. Though it might seem gloomy, we are making progress as a whole. Throughout the years, however, there are key subjects that keep resurfacing in my work with climate change communication. There […]

Environmental preservation or preventing necrophile rapist ducks – know your audience

Yes, that’s an actual headline. The following post will involve necrophile rapist ducks. When you’ve read this post, you’ll know what you can do to make your target audience act more environmentally friendly, and how to use it in your work/daily life. And yes, there is a connection to rapist ducks.    Did you ever feed ducks as a child? […]

How do you measure the importance of a political issue? If it airs on Netflix.

Ladies and gents, I present to you the global acceptance of climate change and the policies needed to avoid local and global energy crises. Now brought to you in prime time.   There is a telling moment at the end of the first episode of Occupied, the highly entertaining new Norwegian TV political thriller, now available […]

Buy it once – keep it forever

Following the post about rotation, and how it’s an environmentally friendly choice to rotate your stuff, this seems like an adequate follow-up.   Tired of buying crap that you have to replace every few years? Wished there was a way to only buy things once? I present BUY ME ONCE! A webpage that only features products […]

Rotation is the new recycling

Look out recycling, there’s a new kid in town. One that’s more energy efficient, cheaper, and consumption lowering. Furthermore, if you live in a big city, chances are you can save a lot of money and time because of it.   In short, rotating your belongings means selling or gifting them. In recycling, you often downgrade […]

Canary in the coal mine – why Coca-cola is a great environmental indicator.

In this post, I argue that the Coca-cola company is a potent social, and environmental indicator, and why you should pay attention to their environmentally friendly products, and campaigns.   A friend of mine recently posted this video on my facebook page (Thanks Sonja). Edit: The video has almost completely disappeared from the internet. It’s even […]