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We at Something Green work to help sustainable companies drive change. Here is a selection of some of the awesome clients we had the pleasure of working with.
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‘WOW, you’re a storyteller all right! Beautifully captivating intro.’

‘Mona Jensen is a gift at creative writing with a nerve in her text that makes the topic come alive and be funny. She has during 2018 written some vivid personal columns for the Borderland festival newsletter (4500 subscribers) that are heartwarming, intimate and full of joy and life. Her copy is well structured, errorless and on deadline.’

‘She has a great capability of working independently and has the ability to always get back with new ideas if she finds something might be odd about the task; In other words, she delivers far more than can be expected from a freelancer’

“We love working with Mona. She has a process that is very detailed and gives us the flexibility to have our voice and yet incorporate her writing style as well. We get high-quality work and great communication during the process. Mona quickly became part of the team and ads great value to our brand and our community.”

Classic T-shirt Company
Something Green is really something special! Not only do they understand the Green industry well, they have a very effective way of communicating the facts in an easy to understand manner.
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