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    How to combat environmental issues with behavioural change.

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We dont have to change the world – just the parts that need changing

The mission of this webpage? To make environmental action and change manageable for everybody.

 It doesn’t matter if your new to environmental action, or if you’ve worked as a environmental planner your entire life, there’s always a next manageable step.

About the Blog

How do we really make a difference? How do we combat climate change, or stop pollution? We do it, by breaking down the problems, and highlighting the next small action.

This blog this a combination of shedding light on different environmental issues, and the first steps towards solving them – all within the framework of behavioral science.

Working with environmental planning?

Are you in charge of planning and implementing campaigns aimed at environmental conservation? Do you want to push for a more sustainable behavior?

We can easily agree that it’s needed, and let’s face it, the conservation campaigns that’s been running since we where children, are not doing the trick.

Because of this, I deiced to start the The Environmental Planner’s ABC, which functions as an overview of the theories, and applications of behavioral change psychology.

All resources are free.

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